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Everlog democratizes Business Intelligence, by producing business sector indicators in a tool known to everyone: Excel.

By adapting the Report One solution to your business, our DMS provides you with the simplest and most accessible reporting tool on the market.

At the mechanical workshop, at the spare parts store, at the retail outlet, each manager can easily access and use his indicators to guide his daily activity.


  • 14 preset « Business » reportings delivered automatically to the Workshop, Warehouse and Store activities
  • Instantly modifiable views (by company, site, salesperson, time period…)
  • Several magnification levels by tables to refine the analyses further
  • Alerts and indicators of visual trends
  • Direct access to the Reportings from your DMS
  • A database updated daily by the DMS to generate Excel Reportings

Available dashboards

Framework of business reportings

  • Synthesis
  • Analysis by types of sales
  • Analysis by product families
  • Analysis by brands
  • Stock analysis (weighted average price or purchase price)
  • Synthesis
  • Time analysis
  • Analysis by type of sale
  • Brand analysis
  • Synthesis
  • New Vehicle Analysis
  • Used Vehicle
  • Brand analysis
  • Inventory Analysis