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With dealer business, you grow and evolve your corporate management in a « business » oriented manner.
At all levels of the company (store, after-sales service, retail outlet, accounting, management…), the analyses, decisions and actions are oriented toward maintaining margins, sales development, and the quality of customer relations.

For the distribution groups that are looking for a specialized and dynamic DMS.

Recreational Vehicles
Agricultural Machinery
Gardening machinery
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Heavy truck



Expert knowledge

20 years of development provides a great number of features for distributors


Respect of business processes

100% of the needs are satisfied (mechanical workshop, retail outlet, spare parts store, accounting, finance, …)


Manufacturer integration

Nearly 40 partnerships with manufacturers and more than 120 interfaces


Flexible DMS

Open, dynamic, dealer business adapts quickly to the changing needs of the market

Functional overview

Centralized multi-company, multi-site and multi-brand database

  • Sales cycle management (estimates, invoicing, bookings)
  • Spare parts management
  • Management of multi-vendors’ references, spare parts or equivalences
  • Order processing (follow-up by status, backorder management)
  • Inventory management (global, cycle counting, bar codes)
  • Promotional management
  • Asset transfers
Mechanical workshop
  • Management of estimates, repair orders, invoices
  • Appointment scheduling as well as workshop capacities
  • Time management (billed time / time spent)
  • Time recording: manual or time card
  • Rating time management
  • Manufacturer warranty follow-up
  • Outdoor work management
Retail outlet
  • Sales cycle management (product returns, commercial offers, order forms, invoicing)
  • Reservation management and purchasing options
  • Management of vehicle stock, equipment by category
  • Vehicle- and equipment-related history management (actions taken, supplied parts, owners)
  • Management of rebates from car makers
  • General and subledger accounting
  • Analytical accounting
  • Budgetary accounting
  • Accounting records (balance sheets, profit and loss accounts…)
  • Financial controls

manufacturer integration

Our r&d department manages nearly 120 interfaces with the information systems of 40 manufacturers, and delivers 10 to 15 new projects each year thanks to:

  • Technological preferences that facilitate software connectivity (api, web-services)
  • A policy of agile versioning
  • A unit dedicated to manufacturers

Technical infrastructure

dealer business is available :

  • On premises (server installed at the client’s business)
  • in cloud computing (server hosted in a data center)

You have the choice between hosting your own solution or outsourcing it to us

Customers’ references